First mobility in Norway

The first mobility took part in Norway at Østerås Skole from October 21st to 25th 2019. We all got very well along and made such good work together. After this week we named our team The Dream Team.

The group of teachers in the project benefitted a lot from this meeting. We worked well together, found solutions to a lot of questions and the atmosphere was friendly and solution-oriented.  It was really amazing how well this functioned. Now we all look so much forward to all the international meetings with the pupils. And there were also so many clever persons; when we had discussed a task, some teachers were already working on finding the solutions to solve the task, i.g. making the online questionnaire. And we managed to plan a lot of the project and have all the tasks ready for preparation for Denmark and partly also for Bratislava. We now feel confident that all participants know what their tasks are, and which tasks to work on and prepare, and in which way. 

The pupils benefitted from this gathering by having got to know the participating teachers, and by seeing their presentations they got so excited and interested. They were also really surprised by the beauty of these countries that they don’t know so much about. Now they look so much forward to visiting the countries, and to do a really good job in the project. And to them, it feels more real as they have met the teachers involved.

The home team of my school also benefitted from meeting and talking with all our guests. They got very well connected, laughed and have fun together. And they learned a lot about the other countries‘ school systems and how their schools were. And they also understood a lot more about the importance of the project and its complexity.  Now they all think this was a nice group, and they are really positive about the project, both for helping to carry out the project and being part of it.