Months of Work

New Media

The world of media and news are in constant change, and the rapid changes we have seen the last years, are challenging, but also demand action and participation. What impact does this have on us, and what is it like to grow up with this new world of media? And how do the younger generations navigate in this complicated landscape?


Our students in Europe are receiving and sending a lot of information via digital means. It is getting more and more important for them to understand how to use this information wisely. First, they need to realize which kind of information they can trust, how people use the media to publish “alternative truths”, how dangerous that can be and how easy it is to influence people that way. On the other hand, they need to be careful with giving out information about themselves. Another competence they have to achieve is to do research properly by knowing where to find trustworthy information and how to use it. Therefore they have to gain knowledge about how the world of the media works today.


The aim of the project is to discover how young people use media. We want to study how they become aware of what is happening around them, which types of media they use and employ and their interest in news. We will then look into the importance of news, and learn to distinguish between real and fake news.

Additionally, we want to discover how the world of media differs in the students’ home countries. Who owns the main TV stations and newspapers, do journalists and citizens have freedom of speech and does everyone have free and easy access to media?